Your first choice for translations from English and French

into Dutch and Flemish



Tailor-made translations in the fields of marketing, communication, travel, hospitality and renewable energy.


Correction and proofing of Dutch translations and texts.

Language Tutoring

One-to-one language courses for foreign students of Dutch and English, adapted to your level.

Professional translations and language courses for your personal and business needs


Marketing & communication

Communicate your message to your target audience with maximum impact. I am aware of the cultural differences and the appropriate terminology to be used in the end language. I can work with you on brochures, web content, presentations, information leaflets, customer testimonials, product packaging, market research and press releases.

Travel, tourism & hospitality

Having previously worked in hospitality and the cruise industry, I understand the unique terminology used in those industries and speak your audience’s language. Translation services for the travel industry include: Brochures, travel articles, customer communications, travel packages, destination guides, reviews and testimonials, travel insurance policies and presentations.


Renewable Energy


With the increasing worldwide demand for energy, the development of renewable energy has become one of the most important issues facing the global community nowadays. One of the biggest challenges in this sector is the constant development of terms and concepts that must be communicated consistently and accurately in the target language. Examples of documents related to the renewable energy sector are: industry reports, websites, studies, training material and informative brochures.