I’m passionate about using my language skills and cultural knowledge to make foreign-language content available to the Dutch-speaking world.

Lingua Belga is the trading name of Fleur De Bondt. I'm a professional translator and language tutor with in-depth linguistic and cultural knowledge of English, French and Dutch.

I hold a Master in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a focus on Mandarin Chinese. Even though I continue to improve my proficiency in this language, I prefer to focus on the languages I am most familiar with: Dutch, English and French. I have always been interested in languages. I started learning English and French from an early age to be able to read books in their original tongue. I have lived in English-speaking countries for 2,5 years. I teach English and Dutch to foreign learners and I have worked in the hospitality and marketing industries, which are my areas of specialization.

If you value quality, attentiveness, punctuality and reliability, you’ve come to the right place.




Lingua Belga provides translation and proofreading services in a variety of subject areas:


  • Marketing, business, communications

  • Travel, tourism and hospitality 

  • Renewable and sustainable energy


I work exclusively in these carefully-selected fields to apply my knowledge and experience and provide an expert service, enhancing the quality of your texts.


How can I help you?


Based on the English or French text that you send me, I can help you obtain the Dutch version that will certainly reflect the essence of the original. In this way, we will succeed in making your words achieve the desired effects in their new-found home.


Do you have your materials edited and ready for publication? Don’t let them fall at the last hurdle! I’ll check them for spelling and grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and consistency (font, spacing and formatting) so that you can be sure they contain no costly or embarrassing errors on publication.


Furthermore, I offer tutoring lessons. I will be happy to help you acquire or further develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Dutch or English.


Working with Lingua Belga means:


  • You will be working with a committed translator who fully understands your business needs and who is open to any special requirements you might have

  • Print-ready content tailored to your audience

  • Concise, efficient communication during the project

  • Dealing with someone who is not afraid to go above and beyond to meet client expectations

  • Delivery on time


Are you looking for a competent and flexible translation specialist who values smooth communication and time as much as you do? Then get in touch today for a free quote.