Lingua Belga would be happy to hear from you, if you would like to discuss a translation from English or French into Dutch, or place an order, or if you have any concerns not addressed in the website.


Please send your text, preferably via email as a Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF file. Kindly state when you would like to have the finished translation, indicate the intended readership (if relevant), and mention any special requirements you may have.  I will send you a free fixed-price quote or respond to your enquiry promptly. For large assignments, I will send you a free sample translation, if desired.



Send me an email at or for general inquiries simply fill out the contact form below.



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Lingua Belga Translations


     Fleur De Bondt |  1840 Londerzeel, Belgium  |  Mobile (BE): +32 494 683112 ; Mobile (AR): +54 9 11 2250 9564  | | Skype: fleur.debondt




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