Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it worth paying for a professional translator? Why can’t I just use Google?

A. Machine Translation programs like Google Translate may be useful to get a quick understanding of the text you are translating. However, for professional purposes, they are essentially useless. Machine Translation programs capture the basics but fail to recognize the nuances and could inadvertently make your company look silly and convey your message inaccurately. When your company name is on correspondence in an official capacity, you need it translated by a professional.


Q. What’s the procedure for sending an order? 

A. It's simple! Send me the whole text to be translated, by e-mail. On this basis, I will give you a quote, with no obligation, as soon as possible, indicating the price, delivery time and other necessary information. If you agree, all you have to do is return the quote signed for acceptance. The delivery time can always be determined after mutual consultation.


Q. How much do you charge?

A. Rates may vary due to the length, content and complexity of the text in question.

Contact Lingua Belga for an estimate.


Q. Is there a minimum charge?

A. Yes. The minimum charge for any translation is €30.


Q. Do you provide urgent translation?

A. Urgent orders are completed as quickly as possible. An additional charge may be made for urgent jobs. Please contact LinguaBelga for more details about turnaround and cost.


Q. How to calculate the number of words in a document? 

A. In Microsoft Word, the number of words in a document is displayed in the toolbar at the centre-bottom of the page. The total number of words is displayed on the right. For a PDF document word count, there are a number of online tools available, such as However, LinguaBelga will provide you with an accurate word count and quote.