Lingua Belga offers seamless translations of your English and French documents into Dutch. Translating is not only a word-per-word approach; it requires an in-depth knowledge of both source and target languages and cultures. I make sure to carry your message across and help you speak your client’s language. My fields of expertise are:


  • Marketing and communication

  • Travel, tourism and hospitality

  • Renewable and sustainable energy




I offer professional proofreading services in Dutch, this means I review your document for stylistic issues, typing errors, grammar mistakes and other necessary corrections.  The result? Your text is accurate, readable and 100% linguistically correct.




Improve your conversational Dutch or English with personalised, one-on-one tutorials. The key to obtaining quick, long lasting results in any language-learning venture is to feel comfortable and free to express yourself. This is why classes are held in an informal setting (a café or other public place, or through Skype), giving you a chance to exercise your new skills while receiving constant support and feedback.